Skyviews Awards Grenada Businesses for Environmental Excellence

09/12/2014 4:41 pm

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Press Release for Skyviews Green Awards



Skyviews Inc., Caribbean map publishers since 1985, inaugurated the Skyviews Sustainability Awards for small, medium and large tourism service providers through BlueGreenMatters.Org with support from GLISPA, Global Island Partnership and CREST, Center for Responsible Travel in Grenada this week in Grenada.

The Awards ceremony took place on Monday 8th December 2014 at the closing ceremony of the Nutmeg Festival, Prickly Bay Marina. 16 local businesses received Awards for excellence in sustainable business practice in one or more of the areas: Biodiversity, Energy, Social Governance, Water and Waste.  The top recipients of the Sustainability Awards were: Conservation Kayak, Almost Paradise, Eco Dive, Calabash Hotel and Aquanauts.

conservation kayak

From left to right: Honorable Senator Simon Stiell, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Environment; Jamie Barrett, owner Conservation Kayak; Honorable Yoland Bain Hosford, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation; Amber Barrett, owner Conservation Kayak; Jessica Bensley, CEO Skyviews Inc.

The Awards venture is a collaborative regional partnership between private and public sector. The Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, the Honorable Yoland Bain Hosford and Parliamentary Secretary, the Honorable Senator Simon Stiell from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Environment presented the Awards. Minister Hosford said, “Grenada’s tourism industry is one of the pillars of the country’s economy, therefore, sustainable tourism is of fundamental importance for the development and preservation of our niche areas which include eco-adventure, dive, yachting and agro-products for long-term viability of the industry.”

Small island states such as Grenada and its outlying islands are particularly vulnerable to economic shocks and climate change. “We have before us an urgent call to adopt sustainable business practices and decouple economic progress from environmental degradation,” said Jessica Bensley, the CEO of Skyviews Inc.

Awards are offered to over 600 tourism services providers in 11 Caribbean islands. The Awards measure the impact of a business on the environment and support a business to isolate changes that can increase the bottom line whilst decreasing the impact on the environment.

For further details, please contact Skyviews Inc. 1 246 434 3434,