“We are at a pivotal point in the course of history and the degradation of earths supporting ecosystems. We have before us an urgent call and challenge to adopt sustainable business practices and decouple environmental degradation from economic progress in order to create continued well-being. The Skyviews Sustainability Awards enable all businesses, irrespective of size to measure their progress towards sustainability and to create a resilient supporting environment. The Awards measure a businesses’ impact on: Biodiversity, Energy, Water, Waste and Social Governance with guidelines on how to achieve best practice in each. We often talk about ‘measuring what matters’ the Awards data will provide Governments with vital information on the private sectors adoption towards sustainability and provide quantitative data that directs policy and backs rationale for partnerships in order to create climate resiliency. We have a unique opportunity before us, I am excited to work with our 600 regional Skyviews partners in the Caribbean islands and support the sectors move towards sustainable tourism.” Jessica Bensley, CEO, Skyviews Inc. Sustainability chart SV Awards sheet 1 sheet (2)